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Model number 75255 and 1949 pieces in the LEGO Star Wars UCS X-Wing Starfighter box
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Anyone remotely interested in LEGO should be a LEGO VIP. A free membership gives you early access to new LEGO sets, plus exclusive discounts and reward points for every purchase. Also, as a member, you can participate in the next VIP Days event.

Note: LEGO’s first VIP Days event starts on July 11 and ends on July 15. Join the LEGO VIP program for free to prepare for this event!

In an email to VIP members, LEGO confirms that the VIP Days event will take place from July 11-15. While LEGO hasn’t revealed the full details of this event, the company is expected to offer exclusive discounts and limited-edition giveaways. You can also receive double VIP points for your purchases.

With that said, LEGO recently announced that its Bricktober 2022 Fantasy Adventure Ride set would be coming to the VIP rewards center on July 11. You’ll have a chance to get this limited-edition set during VIP Days, assuming you have enough reward points.

Please note that this is the first VIP Days event. We really can’t predict what LEGO will do. Most of our assumptions are based on other VIP promotions, such as the “VIP Weekend” that LEGO hosts near the end of the year.

You can join the LEGO VIP program for free today. LEGO will send you a free key ring for signing up and you will receive an exclusive newsletter full of offers and promotions. Please note that you can earn VIP points on the LEGO website and in LEGO retail stores.

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