Judge accepts Rittenhouse lawyer’s foolish argument that Apple’s pinch-to-zoom manipulates footage


As Kyle Rittenhouse took a stand to answer questions about the sequence of events before he shot and killed a man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the jury was forced to watch miniature video evidence, because Rittenhouse’s defense attorney had the l crazy idea that Apple has “artificial intelligence” that manipulates footage when you pinch to zoom on an iPad, and Judge Bruce Schroeder has totally accepted that possibility.

“The iPads, produced by Apple, contain artificial intelligence that allows you to view things through three dimensions and logarithms,” the defense insisted. “It uses artificial intelligence, or their logarithms, to create what they believe is happening. So this isn’t actually an enhanced video, this is Apple’s iPad programming creating what it thinks is there, not what is necessarily there, “they added.

Although it is not clear from a full video of the process (through The Washington Post) regardless of whether the judge actually banned the prosecution from using an iOS device or otherwise zooming in on the footage, the result was the same: instead of using an iPad, the jury ended up looking at the original clips zoomed in on a Windows machine connected to a large classroom TV. The images did not fill the entire TV screen.

Judge Schroeder argued that it was the prosecution, not the defense, that had the burden of proving that Apple no they used artificial intelligence to manipulate the footage, demanding that they provide an expert to testify, and did not allow the prosecution to update to find that expert before taking Rittenhouse for cross-examination. The judge suggested that prosecutors might somehow find that expert while they were taking a short 20-minute break. “Maybe you can get someone to testify about this in a few minutes, I don’t know,” the judge said.

While the nature of reality when it comes to digital images is thorny when it comes to things like color, digital image resizing it is quite well understood.

there are six criminal charges v. Rittenhouse in connection with the shooting of Kenosha. He is accused of killing two people.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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