Julia Hawkins, 105, breaks the 100-meter run record and my back hurts from sleeping badly


Hawkins was born in Wisconsin in 1916. She has four children, three grandchildren and a great-grandson. Hawkins spent his 80-year-olds doing time trials on bicycles and scoring some gold medals. He told the Guardian that his cycling career ended because “There was no one left my age to compete with.” Then, at the age of 100, Hawkins signed up to become a 100m sprinter. I don’t think I’ve put my socks on yet.

After the 100-meter hurricane record in the 100-104 age group was broken by the centennial Cleveland, Ohio, a woman Diane Friedman in August, Hawkins dusted off his running shoes. After the race, he said journalists “It was wonderful to see so many family and friends. But I wanted to do it in less than a minute. ”

As the Guardian points out, while Hawkins and Friedman are blowing minds at the centennial level, lately there has been a lot of action in the field of senior sports:

In August, Japan’s Hiroo Tanaka broke into the home at 16.69 to set the men’s record in the 90 and beyond category. In the women’s competition, Australian Julie Brims broke the record of 55+ in 12:24, while American Kathy Bergen crossed the line in 16.26 in category 80 and beyond. Bergen also broke age records in the high jump, 60m and 200m.

I hurt my neck sleep Last night.

Hawkins knows he is an inspiration and has these words of advice: “I want to keep running for as long as possible. My message to others is that you need to stay active if you want to be healthy and happy as you age. “

Here is Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins earning her nickname and setting the first world record for athletics 105+.

Here is Diane “Flash” Friedman setting the 100 million record for the 100-104 age group.


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