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Julianne Hough is rumored to be the next bachelor

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Is an Julianne Hough going to be the next bachelorette party? This is the story of one tabloid this week. Gossip explores.

Bachelorette party looking for Julianne Hough after ratings drop?

Most recent edition OK! reports that the producers would like Julianne Hough to be the next bachelor. This potential move follows reports of a drop in ratings. By all appearances, the number of views for the season 17 premiere was an all-time low for the franchise. An insider told the tabloid, “ABC executives are desperate to shake things up.”

The source continues: “Now that Julianne will no longer return to Dancing with the Stars This fall, they think people would like to see her somewhere else on the web. ” The insider insists that Hough “will no doubt be excited about the prospect,” as she is known to be not dating anyone at the moment. A source muses, “She will definitely add flavor to the show.”

Julianne Hough to be the next bachelor?

So is it true that Hough will be next hen-party? While Hough will undoubtedly attract viewers, there is no evidence that she is joining the show. Hough spent years on Dancing with the Stars, and served her time at America’s Got Talent, but she seems to be moving away from television these days. Hough spends time on various projects. The dancer often collaborates with companies and charities that she admires. She also launched her own manufacturing company, lifestyle site, as well as wine company… Since she keeps her love life mostly a secret, we doubt the show broadcasting her search for love will be in the cards.

Moreover, the bachelorette party of the 18th season has already been chosen, and this is not Hough. Even before Season 17 premiered, it was announced that Season 18 would take place just after the season 17 finale and showcase Michelle Young as the next bachelorette party. While the tabloid doesn’t specifically say which season Hough is supposed to be on the show, she definitely won’t be “the next bachelor” as the publication claims, since that position has already been taken.

Julianne Hough Tabloid

It won’t be the first time Gossip caught OK! in the fiction about Julianne Hough. Last year, the tabloid claimed that Hough was dating his ex Ryan Seacrest again. The magazine then claimed that Hough had made up with her ex-husband Brooks Lich and had a baby. Obviously, the tabloid is not the most authoritative source of information about Julianne Hough.

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