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While most are well aware of the numerous tweets by incumbent President Donald Trump, it is time to put the mail-in ballot hoax to rest.

If Trump were ahead in the polls, he wouldn’t be talking about this, but he’s so focused on words like cheating, fake, crooked, and other negative words that people are getting tired of hearing about this election…

The good news is that it’s over soon. November 3 is right around the corner. 38 days to be precise.

Even in the unlikely event that Trump wins re-election, it would at least be the final term. The US constitution is clear on this, even though Trump has suggested running for a third term, as has Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ruled Russia for decades. But one thing is the rhetoric: the constitution will not change any time soon.

There may well be readers of this blog who vote for Trump. I totally respect that. I value all readers, regardless of their opinions. However, I’d be glad if some of those defenders would be so kind as to explain in the comment field how they might relate lying and profanity to traditional Republican values. I’m curious how anyone can miss the double talk coming from the lips of the incumbent President Trump…

Regardless of political views, there are valid reasons for wanting to vote by mail. When you’re in the middle of a pandemic, standing in long lines while waiting to vote is not the optimal decision. Avoiding gathering in large crowds IS the only sensible thing to do, especially for people who could be further affected by the coronavirus.

Wishing all readers a happy weekend.

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