k chandrasekhar rao: he will cut your tongue if you don’t refrain from loose chatter, Telangana CM warns state BJP head

Telangana Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao Sunday he lashed out at the BJP-led Center and warned the party’s head of state Bandi Sanjay refrain from loose chatter, otherwise “we will cut your tongue”.

While addressing the media here, KCR harshly criticized the BJP and claimed that Sanjay bluffed the Telangana farmers by asking them to grow rice paddy and giving them false hopes that the BJP will make sure the products are bought.

“The Center said they will not buy the paddy field. This is why the agriculture minister has asked farmers to opt for other crops instead to prevent farmers’ losses. The center is behaving irresponsibly,” he said. affirmed.

“I have directly visited the Union Minister concerned and asked him to take the parboiled rice he procured. He said he will make a decision and notify me, but so far I have not received any response. The state of Telangana already has about 5 lakhs. of tons of rice since last year. The Center does not buy it, “he added.

Rushing against Sanjay for asking farmers to grow something that is not bought by the Center, KCR said, “The Center is saying we will not procure the paddy and the BJP state is saying we will procure it. Refrain from rash talk. We will cut you off. the language (state leaders of the BJP) if you will make unnecessary comments about us. ”

“Sanjay said he will send me to jail. I dare him to touch me!” He added.

“China is attacking us in Arunachal Pradesh but the Center has not taken any action. So far we have remained silent, thinking it would be better to let the dogs bark, but now we will not be silent. Legal action will be initiated.” He added.

Claiming the BJP for its “anti-farmer” policies, the KCR said: “You (BJP) are killing farmers by passing them cars. A BJP CM is asking people to beat farmers to death.”

“We will support the farmers who are protesting against three agricultural laws. We have a responsibility to save the farmers. The opposition is making politics cheap. They are playing with the feelings of the farmers,” he added informing that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) wants to protest against the Center for Farmers’ Rights.

By launching a verbal attack on the BJP, KCR has questioned what the BJP has been doing for the past seven years. “The GDP (per capita) of India is lower than that of Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Center have increased taxes unnecessarily,” he said.

“Did you give Rs 15 lakh to every person in the country or did you give two crore jobs (as promised)?” KCR asked.

The KCR also asked the Center to withdraw the exemption levied on gasoline and diesel and said: “The Center lied about gasoline and diesel prices. The price of crude oil was US $ 105 in 2014 and is now at 83 US dollars. The BJP lied to the public saying that gasoline and diesel prices have risen abroad. ”


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