Kamala Harris asks NASA if they can use SATELLITES to measure TREES by RACE for environmental justice – The Right Scoop


Kamala Harris is a very special vice president, don’t you think? Special. And he asked a very special question, interrupting a NASA presentation to do so, on the question of tree justice.

That’s right, he wanted to know if NASA can use satellites to “track” how many trees there are in a neighborhood by neighborhood level, with those neighborhoods broken down by race, for environmental justice reasons.

It is I who write for you for a long time, the way he said it was not so good in words.

Why on earth should you know this is the first good question. The second is: do you really need it? satellites know this? Come on.

This guy has the perfect job for Kamala.

This is not a serious question. This is not a serious woman. This is not a serious country as long as the Democrats are in office.


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