Kamala Harris was welcomed at Carnegie Hall in New York with the songs “F & ck Joe Biden and De Blasio”


Kamala Harris in New York receives the welcome of a liar, a cheater and a thief.

We love Trump relationships:

Well, things have gone so badly that even in deep blue New York there are more anti-Biden protesters than supporters.

Kamala Harris went to Carnegie Hall last night to see a show.

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But instead of being greeted by adoring fans and voters, she was booed.

When his vehicle arrived with New York’s new Democratic Governor Hochul, the crowd sang “F & ck Joe Biden and De Blasio” in unison. The mayor of New York City is perhaps even more disliked than Biden or Harris.

If people are so angry at Biden and Kamala in New York, imagine the red wave rising in the rest of the nation.

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