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Recruit Kate Surman was left speechless when she met one of her idols on her first day in Geelong. And the new Cat is ready to get excited about hoops.

A crazy Geelong fan who is now a proper Cat, Kate Surman is feeling “even warmer” as her old club becomes her new club.

Transferring to Geelong from Port Adelaide after last season, as the Cats continued to chase down the best forward half, Surman is reviving the passion that made her such a huge hoops fan growing up.

On one of his first days inside GMHBA Stadium, he ran into Tom Hawkins and the bubbly Surman was in a rare position to be at a loss for words.

“Literally in my head I was like ‘please don’t introduce me because I’m not ready,'” she said.

Surman played 10 games with the Power after 26 with the Gold Coast, but expect a whole new thrill when he plays his first game for the Cats.

“Sounds silly, but I’ll probably cry. I will have a little tear,” she said.

“There is a great connection to this club, because being a pretty sincere supporter, that warmth has definitely returned.

“Being a big fan, you’re pretty attached to the club and now…I’ve got even more cordiality if that makes sense.”

Surman was relieved on Thursday night when she and her teammates went to watch Geelong beat Melbourne.

The recruit had been in a few men’s games since joining the club, but they had all been losses, so she thought it was becoming bad luck.

Surman was caught traveling between Queensland and Adelaide last year and when the Ballarat native decided it was time to return to Victoria, she had only one club in mind.

“I thought, ‘I wonder if I can go play for Geelong?’” he said.

“I was lucky to go to Geelong and I think it’s all a matter of fate because they’re actually missing someone like me in the front half, so it’s not just that I want to come here, it’s also that they need me.”

Surman will take over as the number 7 jumper next season, with Irish recruits Anna-Rose Kennedy and Aishling Moloney wearing the number 18 and 45 respectively, while Erin Hoare will once again wear her old number 46.

Surman should be ready to play in round 1 despite breaking her hand while trying to suffocate in training recently.

A physical therapist by trade, Surman quickly underwent surgery and is due to start running again on Monday.


Originally posted as Geelong ‘Massive’ fan, Kate Surman settles in for the Cats

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