Keke Palmer shoots with Whoopi Goldberg for a role in “Sister Act 3”


Keke Palmer is certainly familiar with that old saying, “a closed mouth is not fed”. She recently took the opportunity to ask for an actress role alongside Hollywood icon Whoopi Goldberg. She dropped in on “The View” on Wednesday to discuss her new book series “Southern Belle Insults”. After a few related questions, Keke turned his attention to Whoopi.

“Now Whoopi, I have to shoot, like I did with Issa a while ago,” Keke said. “I’ve heard that Tyler Perry is doing ‘Sister Act 3’ and I just want you to know I’m available for the job. Any job. I mean, you don’t have to say anything now, you know, I’m sending you an email or something. Let me know if you need me. “

Keke aims at “insecure”

Jokingly nicknamed Keke “Keep A Bag” Palmer, the longtime actress demonstrated those acting gigs. Last September, Keke targeted Issa Rae’s hit show “Insecuro”. At the time, she petitioned her opportunity via Twitter. What started as funny tweets blossomed into a real-life debut on the HBO series.

“@IssaRae there was a mix up. I tweeted about my excitement for season 5 of Insecure and now everyone thinks I’ll be there,” she tweeted. “We can’t let them down, put me in to beat Condola’s a ** real fast.”

That’s right, fans watched Keke join the cast of “Insecure”. She appeared in episode three of the final season entitled “Pressure, Okay!?.” Instead of giving Condola the warmth, Issa chose Keke as her sister Kira, playing the overprotective family member who doesn’t feel like Condola’s half-parent, Lawrence.

Whoopi has Keke returned

Well it looks like Keke’s most recent shot has gone rustle! Right after her request, Whoopi hit her with good news.

“I already got it out,” Whoopi replied with a smile.

Keke beamed at Whoopi and said his name as the audience cheered. Then, Whoopi sprinkled the icing on the top saying “Yes, no, please, come on Kek”.

In true Keke’s form, he concluded the comment by saying “okay, all of you hashtag booked”.

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