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Kevin Durant puts his faith in the five-time NBA champion as he discusses his frustration with the Suns’ offense

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The disputes between an elite scorer like Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns have finally come to light following a resounding report from The Athletic. The steam that was escaping from the locker room after the Suns’ loss to the Clippers on April 9 spread throughout the NBA community. In addition to disgruntled players, there were even rumors that Kevin Durant was unhappy with the state of the offense and his role in it. Or more accurately, Durant could be said to be frustrated with it all. Although the team won the next game against the LA Clippers on April 11, 2024. It was no longer business as usual for the team.

Shortly after Frank Vogel was fired and later, Kevin Durant trade rumors echoed around the trade market this offseason. The 35-year-old put all those rumors to rest and affirmed them all. “read”. However, it appears that it wasn’t all a lie at all. He did have some issues with his offensive role on the team and his game-planning. The two-time All-Star Game MVP spoke with Arizona Sports on Tuesday in Las Vegas, where he commented on the Suns’ stagnant offensive flow. “If we have problems on offense and the ball isn’t moving and your best players aren’t in a position or in the space to show their skills, that happens to anyone.”

Adding to his agony, KD emphasized how Suns offensive pillars Bradley Beal and Devin Booker failed to live up to their potential. “It’s not like when Book was in the corner a lot or Brad was sitting a lot. We just stood there. I think there could have been more options created or (we could have) had more movement in our offense.” However, Durant made it clear that it wasn’t basketball that frustrated him. He was more concerned, however, about the Suns’ style of play, which he believes Mike Budenholzer is currently working on.


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Kevin Durant’s thoughts on Mike Budenholzer taking over as head coach of the Phoenix Suns

It is worth noting that Mike Budenholzer took over as head coach of the Phoenix Suns on May 11 of this year. And the 54-year-old is already working on preparing the Suns’ offense for the upcoming season, according to Durant. “I think (new head coach Mike Budenholzer) has been watching video of what we did last year to try to incorporate some of the things that worked for us and try to fine-tune some of the things that didn’t work.” It seems Kevin has high hopes for the NBA champion who won all four of the San Antonio Spurs’ championships as an assistant coach and gave the Milwaukee Bucks their third championship as a head coach.


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USA Today via Reuters

Adding further comments about the new coach, Durant expressed that he is excited because Mike is a veteran with experience in the league as a coach. Moreover, he has experience with different types of players during his two decades in the coaching department. That is why KD has been in constant contact with Mike throughout this summer. “I’m just trying to get to know each other so we can help each other once the season starts.” Durant expressed his intention to stay in touch with the new coach.

With a coach like Budenholzer, the Suns’ offense doesn’t seem to be too far from championship goals. If all goes well, the other title contenders next season could have some stiff competition. So, it depends on how much play flow emerges in the Suns’ game. Until then, stay tuned for the latest updates from the basketball community on our page.


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