khan: Supreme Court of Pakistan interrogates Prime Minister Imran Khan on case of army school massacre

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Supreme Court grilled Prime Minister Imran on Wednesday khan in the case of the army public school massacre, questioning his government for holding peace talks with the same terrorist group that carried out the deadly attack on Peshawar school in 2014, and ordered the prime minister to investigate the leaks security that led to the assault.
In December 2014, a total of 147 people, 132 of them children, were killed when Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) terrorists stormed the school. Khan’s government, however, is currently in talks with the TTP and has already announced a complete ceasefire with the banned group as part of the reconciliation process.
In a rare move, Khan appeared before the court on the orders of a bench of three SC judges led by the Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed.
As for the media reports on the negotiations with the TTP, the dealer wondered if “are we bringing them (TTP) back to the negotiating table instead of taking action against them?”
“Do we give up once again?” one of the judges, justice Qazi Mohammad Aminasked the PM.
Khan was asked to explain his government’s actions against officials involved in school security. He replied that he was not the country’s prime minister when the attack took place. He prompted the Chief Justice to ask him what his government has done over the past three years to redress the grievances of the victims’ families. “Issue an order and we will act,” Khan told the bench, adding that the relatives of the victims have been compensated. At this, the head of justice noted that the parents wanted their children and not compensation. The court informed the prime minister that the parents of the victims want action against officials who were assigned to high-ranking positions at the time of the attack.
At one point, the debate on the definition of responsibility flared up when Khan said before the court: “Find out why 80,000 people were killed. Also, find out who is responsible for 480 drone strikes occurring in Pakistan. ”
The head of justice replied: “Finding out these things is your job, you are the prime minister. As prime minister, you should have the answers to these questions. ”
During the hearing, the court asked the federal government to hear the position of the victims’ parents, saying that action should be taken against anyone who has been shown to be negligent. The top court also ordered the government to submit a report, signed by the prime minister, on the matter in four weeks.
SC’s order came after years of protests from parents and relatives of children who had lost loved ones in the attack. Families are also protesting the government’s efforts to reach a peace agreement with TTP.
Khan’s appearance is the first time since 2012 that an incumbent prime minister has been asked to appear before the supreme court. Raja Pervez Ashraf, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), was invited to appear in connection with a corruption investigation against the former president Asif Ali Zardari.
Khan’s grilling by the supreme court occurred just days after the surrender of his far-right government Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), which was behind anti-France protests over the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed last year there. The TLP was believed to be secretly backed by the country’s powerful military institution. The struggle between the government and the TLP was preceded by Khan’s tug-of-war with the military leaders for the appointment of the country’s new ISI head.


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