Kia launches connected services, probably starting with the new Niro in 2022


Kia will introduce a full range of connected car services to the Australian market through its proprietary ‘Kia Connect’ app, including its music streaming product, starting in 2022.

The ecosystem will likely make its debut in both the new generation Kia Niro, the brand’s small electrified SUV model is expected to arrive around mid-2022, or the updated Seltos with similar times at stake.

“Telematics or ‘connected car services’ is something we are still working on and developing for a local rollout across our range of vehicles, which will be introduced when new midlife models and upgrades are released,” Kia Australia Head of product planning Roland Rivero said Car expert at the launch of the new generation Sportage this week.

Sister brand Hyundai previously used a third-party solution in Australia, but will introduce its proprietary connected car services app called Bluelink, which is currently in use in markets such as the United States.

However Rivero indicated that Kia could be the first taxi out of rank in Australia with its Connect App.

Kia says its proprietary system developed at Namyang’s huge R&D center will offer a range of services, including:

  • Theft notice
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Automatic call to emergency services in the event of an accident
  • Remote activation of the air conditioning
  • Remote locking and unlocking of doors
  • Remote seat heating and cooling
  • Vehicle health check (remaining battery charge)
  • Remote operation of the sunroof
  • “Find my car” service

This is just one example of Kia’s Stage 1 service implementation products. Phase 2 is likely to add additional features such as:

  • Updates over the air
  • Built-in streaming services, including Kia’s proprietary music streaming product
  • Local search
  • Local weather forecasts
  • Electric vehicle charging rates and locations

Kia is also working on a system that can immobilize the vehicle remotely in special circumstances, although the legal minefield of such a product could take years to introduce.

The brand is tight-lipped when it comes to pricing, but you may not have to pay a cent. This will likely depend on the full list of “services” provided at launch.

Connected car services are already offered by numerous car brands in Australia.

Brands such as Toyota, for example, offer a range of free connected services on some models, including SOS emergency call, automatic collision notification, stolen vehicle tracking, vehicle tracking and vehicle status, but only for a period of three years.

The premium brand BMW offers a range of packages that it bundles into its “Connected Drive” offering, which is billed on an annual basis with prices ranging from $ 125 to $ 175. Other digital services are billed per item and activated over-the-counter. -air.


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