Kia’s 11-member EV range will include sedans, SUVs, sedans and shuttles


During the presentation of the “Kia Sustainability Movement”, the South Korean carmaker committed to carbon neutrality by 2045 and provided us with further suggestions for its future range of electric vehicles which will include 11 models by 2026. lines and combining information from the previous teasers of September 2020 and from January 2021, we will try to guess the oncoming vehicles from their shadowy silhouettes.

Kia will become an all-electric carmaker in Europe by 2035, followed by other key global markets by 2040. Therefore, the automaker’s electric range which currently consists of EV6 and Niro EV – which will get a successor in 2022 – must grow rapidly to cover the full spectrum of segments.

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This teaser was released in September 2020 and shows seven of Kia’s next dedicated electric vehicles that are expected to hit the market by 2027. We’ve been trying to guess the names of those models using the information we have to date.

Last year, Kia confirmed that the E-GMP architecture will support seven dedicated electric vehicles by 2027, along with a teaser image showing the aforementioned vehicles. Then, on “Investor Day” last February, Kia CEO Ho Sung Song revealed the EV product plan which includes a single debut in 2021, another in 2022, three in 2023, two in 2024 and three more in 2025-2026.

The first dedicated electric model was the EV6 which was presented earlier this year with a hatchback bodywork and generous footprint. We already know that the second model will be the production version of the EV9 Concept Large SUV that serves as the flagship of the range. For the rest, we can probably guess the EV7 and EV8 SUVs that seem to inherit similar design features with the EV9, including the pronounced fenders, tinted struts, and panoramic roof.

This upcoming four-door sedan from Kia could become a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3, BMW i4, and upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC.

What remains a mystery are the names of the models with more aerodynamic silhouettes and sexier roof lines. They appear to be a couple of four-door sedans that could rival the likes of Tesla Model 3 and Model S. The larger of the two could also work as an indirect electric replacement for the Stinger which will be phased out.

Another interesting model is a sports sedan that sits below the EV6 with a low-riding aerodynamic body and sculpted hood. This could work as a rival to the VW ID.3 and eventually become the electric successor of the Ceed / Strong / Waxed in segment C.

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Another teaser SUV model with a taller body than the EV6.

Putting aside the electric sedans, sedans and SUVs that seem like an obvious choice for any automaker, Kia has also teased some more unusual vehicles. Among them, we can see a shuttle with one-box proportions, large glass surfaces and covered wheels, a bus-like vehicle that could be a camper and a compact city car with a rather tall body.

We already know that one of the 11 electric vehicles will be an electric variant of the next commercial vehicle that will share its platform with its ICE-powered sibling instead of using the dedicated E-GMP architecture. The ICE-derived platforms will also be used by the next-generation Kia Niro, an unnamed passenger car, and another SUV.

This futuristic model looks like an autonomous shuttle with covered wheels and a box shape.

Finally, in addition to BEVs, Kia is developing hydrogen fuel cell technology which will arrive on the market by 2028 after being tested on military vehicles.


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