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kim kardashian you sure know how to display ASSETS!

The 42-year-old reality star took to instagram on Thursday morning to show that you still have it! Not that we ever wondered if she No have it, or whatever. But juuuuust in case the world was wondering, the WASTE The mogul proved Thursday that she’s still at the top of her game!

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On IG, the Selfish The author appeared with a carousel of snaps showing off her amazing figure doing a playful somersault in a thong on a sandy tropical beach.

The mother-of-four first shared a series of snaps showing her completing the somersault in sections. Then she released a video that stitched all the images together for one hell of a motion party. Like some! hey cool!!

Ch-ch-look at the kardashians bountiful star beach delimiting for you (below):


And fans had some fun with it in the comments too!

As you can see (below), many of Kim’s IG followers jeered as they offered reactions to the reality TV veteran’s playful post:

“thank you kim kardashian for putting gymnastics on the map.”

“I haven’t done a cartwheel since I was nine years old”

“I just have to know how many takes it was”

“Kimberly my boyfriend is here”

“Kim, I love this content”

“ASStic Gym”


“Do you have a permit for that thing?”

“Who said you didn’t have TALENT!!!!”

OK, that last one is SO funny. Honestly, they’re all pretty funny! Instagram commenters have some serious jokes!

But really… whoever your mystery man is, we’re sure he loved looking at that post! ha ha ha!!

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Reactions, lazy readers??

When was the list of times YOU cartwheeled?

(Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram/Instagram)

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