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Kim Kardashian’s dating goes “background check”

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If the lucky groom wants to win Kim Kardashianheart, they have to go through a series of tests first! IN Keeping up with the Kardashians potential dating stars must go through a “background check,” the source exclusively says In touch

“Kim, her sisters and close friends use dating apps and know who wants to date her,” says the source. “The guys, mostly athletes, have come to us, and Kim’s team is definitely doing their research.”

The insider continues, “It’s a process and there are a lot of dubious guys to check.”

“But Kim says that if she finds someone with whom she truly feels connected, she will go for it. In any case, she says so, ”the insider admits. However, “[Kim] not in a rush to date, but she sinks into it, albeit very slowly. “

Kim, 40, and her ex-husband, Kanye Westsplit up in February after seven years of marriage. Kanye, 44, made headlines with model Irina Shayk June 8th, when they were seen walking in France. In touch confirmed that the couple are dating just a day later.

The source also notes that the SKIMS CEO is “happy to see Irina and someone else.”

“But when it comes to her public dating, she still refrains. Her biggest fear is being used by some guy for fame and looking stupid. She knows how the game is played and is well versed in the characters,” adds the insider. In any case, her guards are always on the alert, so you can imagine how she feels, allowing someone to get close. “

On June 25, Kim seemed to support her ex as she stepped out rocking a lush orange Yeezy jacket for a night out in Los Angeles.

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A mother of four was outspoken about her split during Keeping up with the Kardashians reunion at the beginning of the same month. “It didn’t feel like one particular thing that happened on either side,” she told the presenter. Andy Cohen about the divorce from the rapper “Jesus Is Coming”.

“I have a lot of respect for him and … I will always be Kanye’s biggest fan,” Kim said. “He is the father of my children. Kanye will always be family. “

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