Kim Zolciak’s father Joe Zolciak was arrested for battery against wife as police report details ordeal


Kim Zolciak's father, a former ex of RHOA, was arrested for battery after allegedly pushing his

Kim Zolciakthe estranged father, Joe Zolciak, was arrested on Monday after an alleged altercation with Kim’s wife and mother, who was no longer far away, Karen Zolciak.

Years after the Real Atlanta Housewives alum confirmed that he was no longer talking to his parents, Joe was charged with beatings following an accident in Florida which was believed to have been triggered by a conversation he had had with one of his neighbors and Karen’s.

According to a police report obtained by Page six, Joe left his home after his chat with the neighbor. When he returned, after taking a bath because he felt she was “ignoring her and watching TV in the bedroom,” Karen attempted to strike up a conversation with her husband.

After Joe repeatedly refused to commit, he allegedly “pushed her, knocking her over and hitting the right side of the head on an antique table,” the report explained.

But according to Joe, Karen fell while blocking the TV because she was “drunk”.

Although Karen admitted she had two glasses of wine, the officer said she was “highly drunk” and noted that she was eventually transported to West Florida Hospital.

Mugshot of Kim Zolciak’s father, Joe Zolciak, after his arrest for beating his wife Credit: Escambia County Jail

Joe was arrested for a battery offense charged and booked at Escambia County Jail, where he stayed until Tuesday night when he was released on $ 1,000 bail.

He will have to appear in court on November 29th.

As of November 2017, Kim made it clear that she was no longer talking to Joe and Karen after Joe called her publicly for her decision to keep a dog who bit his son.

“Anyone who is close to me or my family knows firsthand how incredibly difficult this situation is with my baby [Kash] what for us and still is! My parents who are not part of me or my families have been living for almost 6 years somehow they think it is appropriate to comment or give their opinion on a situation they know nothing about! It doesn’t matter what I still can’t and I’ll never be able to understand the fact that my parents will say or do whatever they can for a dollar, “she said on Instagram.

A month later, during an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Kim was asked if he’d been there any positive progress between her and her parents.

“I haven’t seen my parents for over six years. They just recently sold another “story” to a tabloid, which is one of the reasons I stopped communicating with them in the first place. I’ve learned that some people never change. It’s sad, “he replied.

Photo credit: Fernando Lucena / startraksphoto, Escambia County Jail


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