Klay Thompson of the Warriors could be back on the pitch by Christmas


Klay Thompson is nearing his return and the Warriors look dangerous.

Klay Thompson is nearing his return and the Warriors look dangerous.
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The 30-day withdrawal notice has been sent and teams across the NBA have been notified. It’s a notice to cancel wins courtesy of your Golden State Warriors. The other half of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson, is slated to make his return to the active roster much sooner than previously thought this season.

Prior to the start of the season, there was talk of Thompson’s return potentially after the New Year, but according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Klay could be back on the pitch before Christmas. The The warriors are 10-1 without Thompson this year. I have been a supporter of giving him all the time he needs before taking him out on the pitch. I thought a return in mid-January was a good plan, but if it’s ready for the next handful of weeks then Golden State will be so much difficult to deal with heading into the new year.

The best part about this for the Warriors and their fans is that Klay won’t need to go out and feel like he needs to do his best right from the start. This team already has 10 players deep on any given night. Against Minnesota Wednesday, Steve Kerr played with nine guys for 14 minutes or more in that game. Seven of these players scored at least 19 minutes. We’re talking about the 8-10 players off the bench who walk in and give the warriors critical minutes when it counts. Guys like Gary Payton II, Juan Toscano-Anderson and Nemanja Bjelica are all providing heart and haste off the bench and doing the dirty work as well as adding points in crucial situations.

When Klay returns, it will be an extra mouth to feed, but I’m sure it will be an issue that manager Kerr and his staff will be happy to understand. And with the emergence of Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins playing the most consistent ball of his career, these Warriors could be the deepest team in the league once Thompson returns. Oh, and don’t forget that James Wiseman will be back soon too. It looks like it’s flying under the radar, but I’m sure the Warriors agree.

Golden State plays Phoenix on Christmas Day, so that may be Klay’s first chance on a national television stage since the 2019 NBA Finals. You just know that Thompson can’t wait to get a chance to show the world that he still can. play at a high level. And in this lineup, Thompson will have many of these opportunities. The Warriors lead the league in assists with 29.6 per game. So, for those who think there won’t be enough hits to go around, stop. They figured it out when Kevin Durant was around and they’ll do it again. They no longer have KD, but they have a deeper bench than when Durant was in town.

Hold tight, ladies and gentlemen; the “We Go Show y’all” tour is on its way and coming to an NBA city near you. Get tickets in advance, make popcorn and fizzy drinks. These Warriors and their fans believe again, and they will make everyone else in the league believe. Yup, I’m talking to you JH (haha), it’s okay to still believe it. Get in before it’s too late.


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