Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa seeks millions for manslaughter


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Kobe Bryant’s widow is asking for millions in her manslaughter lawsuit against the helicopter company and the property of a pilot involved in the accident that killed the basketball icon and their daughter.

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Vanessa Bryant filed a lawsuit in February, blaming pilot Ara Zobayan for the accident, claiming it was too foggy for him to fly.

She has now filed a complaint against the pilot and Island Express bosses, insisting on her right to hundreds of millions in future lost earnings due to her husband’s sudden death, according to The Blast.

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Vanessa’s claim for cash covers “economic damages, non-economic damages, prejudicial interests, punitive damages and other compensation”.

The families of the other passengers who lost their lives in the January accident are filing their own manslaughter lawsuits.

Last month, a representative of pilot Zobayan, also deceased, insisted plaintiff’s negligence was to blame for the incident, telling TMZ, “Any injury or damage to plaintiffs and / or their deceased was directly caused. in whole or in part by the plaintiffs and / or their deceased’s negligence or fault, including their conscious and voluntary encounter with the risks involved, and that such negligence was a material factor in causing their alleged harm, for which the respondent respondent bears no responsibility. “

Vanessa Bryant had previously claimed that pilots and law enforcement had been grounded on the day of the accident due to weather conditions, but the pilot requested and received permission to fly.

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According to documents he filed in early May, Island Express’s Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Operations did not allow pilots to fly in conditions such as those on the day of the accident. The pilot has already been sued by the FAA in the past for violating this rule.


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