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Koodo offers $65/120GB Canada/US and other 5G plans to existing customers

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Telus’ flanker brand Koodo is offering existing customers the ability to upgrade to 5G plans despite removing 5G plans from its website in May.

Some Koodo customers took to the r/Koodo subreddit to highlight that they had 5G upgrade options on their Koodo account. iPhone in Canada He also reported that some of his readers were looking at the option. I checked my own Koodo account and saw the following 5G plans available:

  • $50/60GB 5G
  • $55/70GB 5G
  • $60/100GB 5G
  • $65/120GB 5G

All plans include unlimited talk and text across Canada, except for the $65/120GB plan, which offers “Canada-US roaming with data, talk and text.”

In particular, it looks like I have more 5G plan offers than people mentioned on Reddit, but I also already have a Koodo 5G plan. Still, some of the people on Reddit received 5G deals while on 4G plans, so it looks like some Koodo customers will be able to make the jump to 5G.

That said, switching to 5G may not be worth the effort for most people. Koodo provides 5G service to all customers with 5G-compatible phones (assuming they’re in an area with 5G coverage). The only difference is data speeds. Customers who pay for a 4G plan will get 4G data speeds even when connected to 5G with a compatible phone. Koodo arbitrarily caps 4G data speeds at 100Mbps, while 5G plans are capped at 250Mbps.

If you’re a Koodo customer with a 4G plan, you may want to check your account to see if there are any 5G upgrades available for you. Before you switch plans, though, make sure you’re getting a good deal.

In other Koodo news today, Telus has raised prices on several 4G plans by $5 per month.

Source: Reddit

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