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Kuwait has hanged seven prisoners, including two women since 2017

Kuwait has hanged seven prisoners, including two women since 2017

Kuwait hangs seven prisoners in a mass execution on Wednesday. The executions are the first since January 25, 2017, when the oil-rich Gulf country also hanged a group of seven people, including a member of the royal family.

The executions took place in the Kuwait Central Prison; it is not known which method was used. An Ethiopian woman and a Kuwaiti woman were among those hanged, along with three Kuwaiti men, a Syrian and a Pakistani man, a statement said.

One of the Kuwaiti men committed two murders and possessed firearms and ammunition without a license; a second Kuwaiti man possessed weapons and ammunition without permits, drank alcohol in public and drove after drinking, according to the statement. The other Kuwaiti was convicted of premeditated murder and use of firearms without a license. The Kuwaiti woman was executed for an unspecified premeditated crime. The Syrian man took hostages and killed one person; the Pakistani man was convicted of intentional homicide and committing adultery and the Ethiopian woman was convicted of intentional homicide.

The prominent human rights organization Amnesty International on Tuesday called for a halt to the executions, saying they were a “violation of the right to life and the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment” and that Kuwait should abolish the death penalty “completely.” “.

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