LA Times writers on whether Erika Jayne had a warning on the story, what they learned from RHOBH, and what questions remain


LA Times writers on what they learned from RHOBH and what questions remain, also address Erika Jayne's claim that she has no

Los Angeles Times reporters Matt Hamilton Other Harriet Ryan they are talking about the eleventh season of The real housewives of Beverly Hills.

In view of the conclusion of last night’s meeting in four parts special, the staff of the outlet, who wrote the article who was at the center of the season 11 drama, shared what they learned from Erika Jayne on the incidents concerning his marriage to her estranged husband Thomas Girardi and revealed what they still want to know about the reality star and performer.

“My main starting point was the portrait of the somewhat bleak inner life of the last years of Girardi’s marriage: the imbalance of power, his multiple affairs, the financial control that Tom would have exercised, Erika’s attempts to obtain the help of Tom, the ring of people that surrounded Tom and restricted Erika’s access, “Matt revealed during a Q&A with the LA Times.

While Matt found himself educated on the details of Erika’s ten-year marriage to the disbarred lawyer, He said RHOBH failed to reveal any details about how it ended.

“When did you hire your lawyer? How does your assistant pay? How and when did you rent a moving truck? When did you pay the rent for your new residence? Logistics is intense, especially considering it was also shooting. And Bravo’s cameras haven’t caught any of this? Really? ” churches.

Harriet was also confused about Erika’s timing divided by Thomas as well as his reasoning for staying in his marriage.

“She asks for a divorce and says Girardi was unfaithful and verbally abusive with her for years and remained only because her substantial RHOBH the checks were sent to Girardi Keese’s office. Couldn’t he just call Bravo HR and change his address? ”He asked himself.

During a particular episode of RHOBH, Erika told her castmates, many of whom were quite shocked by the content of Matt and Harriet’s article (Included Sutton Stracke, who has read it three times), “I don’t have a notice on an LA Times article … Nobody calls me to say, ‘Hey, by the way, this piece is coming up about you.'”

But according to Matt, They have reached to Erika’s publicist and her attorney for comment.

“We tried to comment on the lawsuit that accused the Girardis of a fake divorce. Two days before our story was published in mid-December … we sent questions to your representatives. We did not specify when the story would be posted online, but we did give a precise deadline for the day before, “he revealed.

As for Erika’s claim that the story was nothing more than a “hit piece,” Harriet said she believes Erika doesn’t understand the term’s meaning or hasn’t read their article.

Although Erika was accused of inconsistencies during the eleventh season of RHOBH, Matt said he felt he was “holding back” more than he was showing inconsistencies. Meanwhile, Harriet has put her story in the spotlight Thomas’s car accident.

“The car accident is something that Girardi’s loyalists have been pushing out there since last year as an explanation for his behavior,” he explained. “Girardi was known as a heavy drinker and had a driver on staff. I know that Matt sought public records for a car accident as described by Erika et al. and I have not found anything. In any case, a recent head injury would not explain the allegations of embezzlement against him dating back to the 1980s ”.

As for what they still want to know, Matt would like to know more from Erika about Thomas’ political and judicial ties, and Harriet has questions about Thomas’s mental health.

“In what year did you first notice signs of dementia? Who did you talk to? If you claim that a doctor refused treatment due to Girardi’s legal power, please appoint that doctor. Do you regret not doing more to cure him? ”Harriet said she would ask Erika if she had the chance.

Matt and Harriet also shared where legal proceedings against Erika and Thomas got up today.

“In the case of the Indonesian plane crash, two former lawyers of Girardi Keese, including Tom’s son-in-law, are the subject of a hearing next month in Chicago to decide whether they should be held in contempt of court for their alleged conduct in the case. ., “Matt revealed. “That hearing could prove to be revealing, as it will likely shed light on the last few months of the Girardi law firm and the signs within the business that was crumbling.”

“The bankruptcy procedure is in progress. The trustees are in the process of identifying all assets for the Girardi estate and his law firm. They are obtaining all of Erika’s financial documents and will depose various people involved in the couple’s finances. The assets that arise must be liquidated and used to repay creditors, including customers who owe the liquidation money and lenders, ”Harriet added.

The real housewives of Beverly Hills the cast is currently resumed season 12.


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