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Whenever you visit the United States, it’s easy to be impressed by its scale. What struck me on my visit last week, however, is the sense of purpose that exists right now in delivering a strategy that will secure jobs for American workers.

Across the Atlantic, they recognize that the global economy is undergoing its most significant change in generations, and they are moving forward with a plan to help secure the jobs of the future. My priority was to see this in action and set out work proposals to boost collaboration with one of our closest allies, to maximize trade, open trade links and create UK jobs.

I visited Sparrows Point, Maryland, where I spoke with the state’s governor, Wes Moore. We were on the former site of what was once the world’s largest steel mill that is now being reborn not only as a global logistics hub, but also in renewable energy, as a whole set of new, good, unionized jobs is being created. in wind power. industry.

It’s just one example of where US industrial policy is having a big impact; in seven months they have created more jobs than we have in seven years. I saw first hand that a global race for new jobs is underway, yet under the Conservative government Britain is not even in the starting blocks.

Good jobs and a race to the top in standards.

Having grown up in Torfaen, the Valley of Wales that I now represent in Parliament, I know the devastating impact on communities when Conservative governments fail to implement a jobs strategy or growth plan when industries close. We must not allow that to happen again.

That is why Keir Starmer has made it clear that Labor will offer a credible plan to manage the change facing Britain, protect good jobs and create good jobs. No cliff edges. Our mission to reduce bills, create jobs and provide energy security for Britain will be a vital part of securing that future.

In the US, I met with President Biden’s trade representative, Ambassador Katherine Tai, to make the case that a Labor government would commit to working with the US to deepen our trade relationship and together push for a trade policy focused on the job. The US has said it wants a ‘race to the top’ on standards and will always have a partner in that goal in the Labor Party.

Selling more to the US can help Labour’s mission of growth

I also spent time meeting with Bloomberg and other business leaders to establish that a Labor government would celebrate the enormous role London and New York play in driving our economies. We are world leaders in sectors such as financial services, law and digital technology, so I want to make it even easier for UK companies to export services to the US.

Labor is on a mission to ensure the highest sustained growth in the G7, and boosting our services exports can play a vital role in achieving this.

Britain has the strengths we need to be a world economic leader in the future, just as we have been in the past. But this will not happen by accident. You need a government with a clear plan. The Tories have shown, with their economic chaos, that they cannot deliver on this. But I am proud that the Labor Party is setting out a vision to do just that.

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