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Labor leader Keir Starmer he described the conservative government’s behavior as “corrupt” in light of the Owen Paterson scandal and others. He said former ministers and lawmakers should be banned from paid consulting jobs.

  • On the Owen Paterson scandal: “Instead of upholding the standards, he orders the lawmakers to protect his spouse and tear up the whole system. Now, this is corrupt. It is despicable. And it is not a one-off. This Prime Minister has one. shape … What angers me most is that the Prime Minister is destroying the reputation of our democracy and our country ”.
  • “When there was a bad mood in the 90s, John Major rolled up his sleeves, set up the Nolan Committee on Standards in Public Life. He, as Prime Minister, said I will clear everything up, Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is leading his troops through the sewers. In this it reaches up to his neck “.
  • On Labor demanding that Johnson go: “As an opposition, we always want the government to leave… In Britain we have high standards, we respect the rules and we have relatively low levels of corruption. This is known all over the world, it is to be loved “.
  • On Claudia Webbe: “I’m glad you cited that example because no case exemplifies the difference in approach better than that case. When Claudia Webbe was charged, the Labor Party suspended her. When she was later sentenced, we did not contest the sentence, we expelled her from the Labor Party. Now let’s say he should step down and support a recall petition. “
  • On Webbe being one of seven former Labor MPs who has been given a prison sentence in the past ten years: “We have a new program now to select the candidates of the future, which I think will be a very, very good program.”
  • On Labor’s request for another investigation into the renovation of apartment no. 10: “I think it is very important that these are brought to the attention of the authorities and that they look at them.”
  • If Labor would have abolished the Lords: “We will definitely change the House of Lords.” He added that he had set up a commission to review the constitution. “I said we need to change the House of Lords, I support it, I asked Gordon Brown to look into exactly what these changes should be.”
  • On ministers banned from paid counseling: “I think they should be banned. There is a discussion about how long it should be – some have been arguing for five years, it’s something I think we should talk about, the exact period … You shouldn’t be able to get out of being a minister and straight into some sort of counseling that draws on what you have done as a minister. “
  • On Lord Falconer, shadow attorney general, who currently works for a lobbying firm: “It is important to distinguish between the position of those in the House of Commons and those of the House of Lords … In the House of Lords there is a ‘daily allowance but no one receives a salary “.
  • On whether Lord Falconer would be allowed to keep his job had he been a Labor minister: “He wouldn’t be allowed to lobby, I wouldn’t have.”
  • On whether Labor still advocates banning almost all MPs’ second jobs: “In the Labor Party, on consultations and leadership positions, etc., we have been saying for many years that they should go … We took another step forward in 2019 to say no second jobs with obvious exemptions ”. He added: “The principle is right. No consultant has been a longstanding position in the Labor Party. “
  • On whether Labor would support the government in case of Article 16 activation: “I do not believe that the activation of Article 16 will resolve the dispute over the protocol in Northern Ireland. It is not the interests of Northern Irish communities or businesses. What is in their best interest is to solve problems. “
  • He added: “What I am saying is not to tear the Protocol…. But a vet deal – there are ways to move forward that would reduce those burdens between GB and NI. “
  • On Brexit, he ruled out re-joining the EU or completely renegotiating the deal, but said he would make “sensitive adjustments”.
  • At the end of the show, actor Brian Cox explained to Starmer why he is no longer a Labor voter.

George Eustice, the environment minister, defended the government against corruption allegations and said – despite a massive and sudden turnaround – that he had a consistent stance on the Owen Patterson lobby scandal.

When asked about the story that highlights conservative treasurers who donate £ 3 million to the party seem almost guaranteed a noble title, Eustice defended the status quo and described Tory donors who became peers as “philanthropists”.

Trevor Phillips on Sunday

Thangam Debbonaire, the shadow leader of the Labor House of Commons, said both Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg should consider their positions. He also said the government is expected to file a motion to withdraw the motion on reviewing parliamentarians’ standards passed last week before the end of Tuesday.

  • On the Owen Paterson scandal: “[Jacob Rees-Mogg] literally poses the business. If he had wanted to reform the appeals in any part of the standards process, at any time in the last how many years, he could have presented it to parliament and he hasn’t. “
  • Asked if Rees-Mogg should step down: “This will be said by the others, but I have to say it was an extraordinary week for Jacob, as he was trying to make it clear that he had no power over when to file motions in the House when he could. at any point, as he didn’t seem to have taken note of what I said very clearly – as others did – in the debate that this was merging two issues, and then he gets up the next morning and says it’s a shame, as there he still left in a state of chaos. The amended motion is still valid. “
  • On what Rees-Mogg should do now: “He really needs to get up and make a motion to overrule that motion, which I believe must happen before the end of Tuesday.”
  • On a noble title for Paterson: “The government itself, and I think Jacob should tell the Prime Minister, must make it clear that Owen Paterson will not be recommended for a noble title, and we must support the standards committee report. “
  • Pressed on whether to resign Rees-Mogg: “If I were him, I would consider my position. This is what I think he should do today … I think his position is untenable, yes. “
  • On the parliamentary standards investigation process: “The standards committee looks at the evidence, takes further evidence as needed, can ask the standards commissioner to go back and look again, and in this case it has considered the evidence overwhelming. So there is already, in effect, an appeal process ».
  • On the possibility of Paterson being recommended for a noble title: “I hope the Prime Minister makes sense and excludes it. We called him out and he said he shouldn’t be recommended for a noble title. “
  • On what the government should do: “This should happen at the earliest opportunity possible. It is not too late for the Prime Minister to do so today. He could rule it out now … If he wants the bad media coverage to stop, he could do it now. “
  • He added: “They could also do what Keir Starmer would do, which is to establish an anti-sleaze and anti-corruption unit with real teeth and real powers.”
  • On Claudia Webbe MP: “As soon as Claudia was indicted, we suspended her from the Labor Party. As soon as she was convicted, we expelled her. We invited her to resign and if she does not we will support a recall petition. “
  • On the government’s reputation: “We are legislators, we should not be violators. We should support the system of standards and I’m afraid to say I think the public know how to judge … Their reputation frankly is in tatters and I hope Boris Johnson also considers his position this weekend and takes the action he needs to fix the reputation.”
  • When asked why Labor is lagging behind in the polls: “Let’s not forget that we suffered the worst defeat in 2019 we have suffered in many years … Keir Starmer, in particular, is showing the public that there really is an alternative to a man. like Boris Johnson who thinks he’s above the law and Keir Starmer who literally enforced the law. I think people can really see that contrast. “
  • He added: “We are turning the corner, we have come out of our conference really strong with bold policies especially on things like climate change… The public is definitely starting to see Keir Starmer as the Prime Minister I know he would be. “

Cabinet of the Minister George Eustice he described the dispute over Owen Paterson, in which the government sought to overhaul the standards control system of MPs while defending the Conservative MP, as a “Westminster storm in a teacup.”

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