Lady Gaga offers a full theatrical and campy experience in Gucci at the premiere of the House of Gucci in London


It was expected. For this film in particular, for this character, Lady Gaga would bring drama and entertainment to the red carpet, a symphony of extras. And he did it last night in London for the UK premiere of House of Gucci. Should we care about reviews? Well, you can, but I don’t and I won’t.

House of Gucci, for me, it’s review proof. The film doesn’t have to be good. In a way, I really hope it will be bad. But, it really doesn’t matter. all House of Gucci must be is … himself, like Gaga herself: campy, exaggerated, absurd, quotable and meme-able. There is no doubt that it will keep all these aspects, just like its protagonist.

But look at it. Is there anyone else to watch? She’s in Gucci, duh, and she composed Gaga’s step-by-step Gucci with eyeshadow and stern hair and gloves and fishnet stockings and platforms and with the pose, raising her arms to release the whole theatrical experience of the dress , as if he were actually able to summon the wind, a fashion superhero among us. An irresistible fashion superhero. Irresistible even to the sometimes grumpy Adam Driver who varies from looking bewildered to her, and then just seems to give in to the Gaga-ness of it all.

Really a superhero, see? Gaga performed a miracle – even Adam Driver gave in and is indulging in some fun!

And this is only the beginning. The House of Gucci the press tour will have many stages. Which means we’ll have more Gaga like Gucci until the movie comes out in two weeks and beyond, because she’s going hard for that Oscar nomination.

Remember, the last time she was on the Oscar nomination path, as she does with her songs, she found a chorus and stuck to that – it was the “one hundred people in one room quote“. What is the new choir for Lady Gaga House of Gucci Oscar race?

He started singing it in her Vogue profile last week. It was this comment that made me scream:

“I felt that I could really do justice to this story only if I approached it with the eye of a curious woman who was interested in possessing a journalistic spirit so that she could read between the lines of what was happening in the scenes of the movie”.

The “journalistic spirit” appears to be his new chorus – at the 50 second mark below:

“Delve into like a reporter in his life.” I wonder how many times he said that on the press line.


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