Lamborghini jokes with Blondie supercar by giving it a parking ticket during the third millennium Concept Walkaround


As someone who has been involved in walkaround video production in the past, I can tell you that we tend to play with them fairly quickly and freely with permissions. Typically, a walkaround video involves just parking a car and shooting a video before officials have a chance to ask you to leave. Lamborghini recently decided to use that insecurity to prank Supercar Blondie.

In a recent walkaround video posted on Facebook, Supercar Blondie gets a ticket while filming the Third Millennium in Italy. Informed that it is “forbidden to park in front of the church”, the policemen take action.

He apologizes promptly, but still receives a fine from the police, who look for a license plate, but cannot find it and simply writes that it is a “Lamborghini”. With no windshield wipers, one of the police officers has no choice but to simply leave the note on the windshield.

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With a concept car like this, it’s unclear how easy it would be to get it out of the way, which no doubt adds to the driver’s stress. In the video, however, the channel says it was actually a joke. “Lamborghini called his friends from the local police department to play a little joke on me,” writes the channel.

Il Terzo Millennio is Lamborghini’s vision for the electric future. Presented in November 2017, the concept was developed with the help of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It features four motors powered by supercapacitors built into the concept’s bodywork, and they store the energy there instead of in a large battery.

The brand also provides that the body is made of self-healing carbon. Sure, that level of futuristic technology means this is a nice way in the future, but some of the ideas behind it will seemingly find their way. into real production vehicles in the near future.


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