Lance Leipold, Kansas wins 57-56 over Texas in OT


Kansas struck a huge upheaval on Saturday, beating Texas 57-56 in extra time in Austin.

The Jayhawks were underdogs with 31 points and entered their game on a 56-game losing streak in the Big 12 game. They came out with their first win in Texas.

This is head coach Lance Leipold’s first season at Kansas after spending the last six at Buffalo. His team was 1-8 and until Saturday he didn’t win from the first game of the season. But the Jayhawks took a huge lead early on, taking a 35-14 lead at half time thanks to three touchdowns towards halftime.

In the second half, Texas started falling back and even tied the game to send him to overtime. Leipold continued to push forward with bold calls, such as going fourth and-1 from his 34 with 2:34 left instead of betting with a 49-42 lead.

Then came his biggest call: looking for a two-point conversion in the first half overtime. Kansas converted to win the away game 57-56.

Everyone commented on Leipold’s bold move after he went in two to win the match.

Leipold played to win the game, and this was a big win for Kansas.


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