Lewis Hamilton, unstoppable at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix


Lewis Hamilton was unstoppable at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. It was a crazy weekend for the seven-time World Champion. He won the race despite the penalties.

Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time on Friday for the sprint race. But he was disqualified with a tail wing problem. Max Verstappen also received a $ 50,000 fine for inspecting the item after the session. Therefore, the Briton started the sprint race from last place on the grid, while team-mate Valtteri Bottas started second. Max Verstappen started first, but the Finn was the right man at the right time and set the fastest time. From 24ns, Hamilton closed 5ns. But he had to deal with a penalty of 5 positions on the grid for the engine change. So the Sao Paulo Grand Prix had to start from 10ns. Bottas was in pole position.

On Sunday, Valtteri lost his lead when Red Bull’s Max Verstappen overtook him right after the lights went out. far behind, Lewis Hamilton he was overtaking driver after driver, getting a little closer to his target: Max Verstappen. Seventeen laps later, he was already in second position, chasing Max and trying to take his teammate to a double podium.

After a second pit stop, Valtteri looked unhappy: “I think we gave up on an easy 1-2,” he told his team. From command, Lewis was asking his team where Valtteri was. “Good work!” He said when he learned that his teammate was in P3.

On lap 48, Verstappen tried to defend his lead and went wide at Turn 4, nearly ejecting Lewis. But Lewis wasn’t frightened by the move and, one lap later, charged once more. Same point this time, different result. From that moment there were no more doubts about the winner in Brazil.

Lewis Hamilton wins

“If he went from last to fifth in 24 laps, he should have three wheels on his car to make it a bit more difficult!” Joked Lando Norris after the race.

Lewis finished more than 10 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen, reducing his championship lead from 21 to 14 points. Third Valtteri Bottas, ahead of Sergio Perez. The Mexican also got the Fastest Lap point, snatching it from Hamilton. He stopped in the soft pits on lap 70, aiming for that particular point.

Toto Wolff, angry despite Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Brazil

“I think we just got many, many punches in the face this weekend with decisions that could have rocked both sides against us or for us. It’s just something I’m just angry about and I will defend my team, my drivers for what’s to come. I’ve always been very diplomatic in the way I discuss things, but today diplomacy is over ” Toto Wolff threatened.

The Team Principal called Hamilton’s show “best performance ever”.

With the “best performance ever” in Brazil, Mercedes is preparing for the Qatar Grand Prix to be held next week. Mercedes leads the constructors’ standings with an 11-point lead over Red Bull.



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