Lisa Barlow talks about “PTSD” after feds arrest Jen Shah while filming RHOSLC


The owner of tequila Vida is a close friend of Jen, who was arrested for money laundering and computer fraud. Jen pleaded not guilty to the charges and will go to trial in March 2022.

On the last episode of RHOSLC, Jen was shown in a van with the other women as they prepared to embark on a journey. After receiving a call, Jen asked a cast member to disconnect her microphone. Then she got out of the vehicle to have a private conversation. Jen eventually told the women she had to leave because her husband was bleeding internally. A few minutes after his departure, loc swarm of federal agents He came to the scene, surrounded by the van, and asked where Jen was.

In an interview with insider, Lisa said the experience made her feel “emotionally traumatized”. The 46-year-old shared that she had “literally had PTSD for weeks”. After law enforcement left, the other women tried to decide whether to cancel the trip or continue filming. Lisa stated that the whole experience was “intense”.

According to Lisa’s interview, many agents were present on the scene, including “Homeland Security, FBI” and “NYPD”. Lisa said the agents also carried guns and the cast members’ reactions were “raw, on the spot”. It was, as Lisa explained, a “crazy situation”.

In the episode, federal agents did not explain why they were looking for Jen. Instead, they simply expressed that they wanted to “make sure he was safe”. nach Jen’s legal problems hit the headlines, however, an old colleague of Lisa’s informed her of “some terrible allegations about Jen Shah.”

At the time of registration, Whitney Rose he thought it was all a joke before reality settled. The producers of the The real housewives of Salt Lake City used the scene as a cool opening for the season. In Jen’s slogan, the 48-year-old expressed: “The only thing I’m guilty of is being Shah-mazing.”

After Jen unplugged the microphone and walked away, no one could see what happened. Viewers, just like the cast members, remained in suspense.

RHOSLC Live view – This is also the live view thread for tonight’s brand new episode The real housewives of Salt Lake City second season, so feel free to share your thoughts below as the episode airs at 9 / 8c on Bravo.


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