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While coding in python, we may encounter several types of errors, one of which is list index out of range python.

This error occurs while we are working on lists, a similar type of error also occurs when we are working with tuples.

List is one of four collection data types built into a Python programming language.

Some of its features include, we can add or remove list items, we can sort the list items, and we use one list for multiple jobs as per our needs.

2. Index.

The index is a convention that a python interpreter uses to store values ​​so that they can be easily remembered and accessed when needed next time.

So, in collection or list data types, we store the items in our list in a way that 1street the article is at 0he position 2North Dakota the article is in 1street position 3rd the article is in 2North Dakota position, and so on.

So this position number of each element is called index.

It starts with zero and ends at its length-1.

That is, if the list contains 10 elements in a list (if it starts counting from 1 to 10), then its index would be up to 9. 1street the article is at 0he position 10he the article is in 9he position.

list out of index python

3. Scope.

Range is a built-in method in Python that is mainly used for iterations.

This method is mainly used with loops where we want our loops to be executed a certain number of times or let’s say iterations.

Primarily, the range takes two inputs, the start point where our loop will start from and the end point where our loop will end.

Now after all this jargon we can see an error that is list index out of range.

If you want to print the entire list, you’ll just pass the list name to a print statement, if you want to print the specific value of the list, you’ll pass the list name along with the index number in square brackets to a print statement.

out of index list

Now suppose you provide an index number which does not exist in the list, then you will only get the list index out of range mistake.

list out of index python

This is why you are getting this error.

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