Live update of news from Australia: state funeral for Bert Newton; Scott Morrison says he has never lied in public life; wild weather whips the east coast | News from Australia


My grandfather, a devoted Catholic and machinist, absolutely adored it Bert Newton. I’m sure the deal was his Catholicism. He often spoke to me about the gift of faith. Bert Newton had that gift. And I can’t help but think it would be so honored to be greeted with a full mass here at St Patrick’s Cathedral …

Bert Newton was a great entertainer and life itself was his stage. It was always there, omnipresent on our screens and in our hearts.

For Australia, Bert was not just a man on a screen or an actor on a stage. He was someone we all felt we knew. Like a fireplace on a cold night, families gather around their televisions drawn by its warmth and inviting ease. It was more than talent, it was trust.

His story is the history of Australian television and while he was first teleported into our homes in black and white, Bert was color TV long before technology came along.


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