Live updates from Australia: Morrison discusses climate change and capitalism; Coalition Plans to Help Fund Storage of Carbon Capture at Fire | News from Australia


First, of course, we’ll look at the details. Our goals have been the diversion of renewable energy money into other technologies.

The government’s version says it’s new money, but we’ll look at the details. This is all about politics. When you see the prime minister’s comments in the newspapers and the government’s background, it’s a kind of struggle with work, not doing something about the climate. It’s all spin and politics.

They organized it as a struggle with Labor. Whenever the government has tried to change CEFC legislation, it has failed. They abandoned it because of the National Party, which was trying to include coal and nuclear power in the CEFC legislation. This is a test for Matthew Canavan and Gerard Rennick. Will they try to insert coal and nuclear?

Third and finally, just two weeks ago the prime minister said he didn’t need new policies, it was all based on existing politics and technology, because of political pleasure, we are seeing one policy a day. All of this comes after Glasgow because the government feels the pressure.


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