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LIVING A LIE: A Warning to America

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On February 12, 1974, the great Soviet dissident and scientist Alexander Solzhenitsyn released his famous essay. “Don’t live a lie.” The next day he was arrested by the Marxist regime and exiled to the West.

In his famous essay, Solzhenitsyn called on the Russian people to resist lies. Don’t let the lies consume you. Today in America, July 4th, we are people who are drowning in the lies of our elite. They continue to fascinate the American public every day with their increasingly ridiculous statements:
– Republicans want to justify the police,
– Joe Biden is mentally stable,
– The Black Lives Matter Riots are mostly peaceful
– hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in the treatment of COVID,
– Joe Biden won the election.

As the elites continue their campaign of lies, remember the words of dissident Solzhenitsyn: Don’t live a lie.

We approach the edge; a general spiritual end has already come; the physical is about to flare up and swallow us and our children, and we continue to smile and babble with embarrassment:

TRENDED: Nationwide largest teachers’ union approves plan to promote hate-based critical race theory in all 50 states and 14,000 school districts

“But what can we do to stop this? We don’t have the strength.”

We have so hopelessly abandoned our humanity that for the sake of modest donations today we are ready to abandon all principles, our souls, all the works of our ancestors, all the prospects of our descendants – everything so as not to destroy our meager existence. We have lost strength, pride and passion. We are not even afraid of a common nuclear death, we are not afraid of a third world war (perhaps we will hide in some crevice), but we are only afraid to take a civil position! We just hope not to get confused, not to go out alone and risk suddenly doing without white bread, a water heater, a registration in Moscow.

We have learned well the lessons taught to us by the state; we are always satisfied and satisfied with its premise: we cannot avoid the environment, social conditions; they shape us, “being determines consciousness.” What do we have to do with it? There is nothing we can do.

But we can – everything! – even if we console ourselves and lie to ourselves that it is not. It’s not “they” who are to blame for everything, but we ourselves, only we!

Someone will object: well, really, there’s nothing you can do about it! Our mouths were gagged, no one listens to us, no one asks us. How do we get them to listen to us?

It is impossible to force them to reconsider.

Naturally, it would be simply not to re-elect them, but we have no re-elections …

… And in this we find, forgotten by us, the simplest, most accessible key to our liberation: personal non-participation in lies! Even if everything is covered with lies, even if everyone is under their power, let us resist in the slightest way: let their power not dominate through me!

And this is the way to break out of the imaginary environment of our inertia, the easiest for us and the most destructive for lying. After all, when people refuse to lie, the lie simply ceases to exist. Like parasites, they can only survive by being attached to humans.

We are not encouraged to go out to the square and shout the truth, to say out loud what we think is scary, we are not ready. But let’s at least refuse to say what we don’t think about!

Thus, this is the easiest and most accessible way for us, given our deep-rooted organic cowardice, much easier than (even scary to pronounce the words) civil disobedience a la Gandhi.

Our path should be this: never knowingly support a lie! After realizing where the lie begins (and many see this trait differently), move away from this gangrenous edge! Let’s not glue the flaking scales of Ideology, reassemble its crumbling bones and reassemble its decaying clothing, and we will be amazed at how quickly and helplessly lies will disappear, and what is destined to be naked, to be exposed as such to the world.

And thus, overcoming our recklessness, let each man choose: whether he will remain a conscious servant of lies (of course, not because of a natural predisposition, but in order to ensure the life of the family, to raise children in spirit). lies!), or was it time for him to stand upright like an honest man worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?

Do not let People of lies win.
Always oppose their lies.
Right now.

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