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If it seems like hardly a day goes by without a Kardashian celebrating a birthday… you’re not far off.

kourtney kardashian and ex scott disickthe daughter of penelope disick-one of kris jennerThe grandchildren ages 12 and counting officially turn 11 on July 8. The family marked Penelope’s big day last year with an epic pink-themed pool party last year, so surely something just as fun is in store. But in the meantime, there’s been plenty to celebrate this summer: Penelope and her siblings are ready to welcome another sibling as Kourtney and her husband. Travis Barker They are expecting their first child together, recently revealing that it will be a boy joining Penelope and her siblings. bricklayer disick13, and disick reign8, as well as Travis’s children Landon Barker19, and alabama barker17, in the family fold.

Surrounded by siblings, P is definitely a daddy’s girl, with Scott regularly sharing snaps of her sweetest moments on Instagram and sharing snaps of her sweetest moments. And Penelope, or “Pinop” as her dad calls her, has had plenty of memories of mommy and me, including Kourtney taking her for her first haircut at age 6 and the couple often sporting matching outfits. Also, Penelope and her cousin. northwest They have garnered quite a following on social media, thanks to their viral TikTok videos and makeup skills.

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