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Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s vacation photos in Mexico are here

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There are some iconic images of the college admissions scandal, a story of unlimited privilege in which a handful of wealthy parents absolutely paid for their children to play in an already uneven system. Lori loughlin, mother of two girls who entered the University of Southern California through the crew program despite not participating in the sport, smiling and bravely greeting the paparazzi as she walked into the Boston courthouse like she was running an errand .

Later, there was her, a big, round thing that protected her from both the California sun and camera lenses, as if announcing to the world that she had accepted the gravity of her situation and did not want the world to see her like that. It was the “crime hat” and it was big.

And then there was Mossimo Giannulli, who in all the evidence presented seemed to be the driver of the family plan and who got more time than this wife. He grew a beard and left be able soon just in time for jail. In the weeks leading up to his sentence, he took his new beard for a spin on the links.

Now the couple is at a resort in Mexico. How do you ask? Aren’t these people fresh out of jail on probation or something? Yes, most people probably need a little R&R after jail. But not everyone understands it. Loughlin and Giannulli recently asked a judge if they could take a vacation. The judge said yes and they recently flew.

And then, of course, the photographers followed, the fruits of their labor impacting Page six in Tuesday. Now look at Loughlin with his feet near the pool, smiling and holding binoculars, and… pointing at the camera and laughing. The look is very, “I can’t touch this right now.” Girls just want to have fun. It’s a lot like those initial photos that emerged of her smiling for the cameras on the day of her court appearance, signing autographs, but here she is on the other side of it all. And his hat? Larger than ever.

Mossimo, meanwhile, is as bald and bearded as the day he went to jail. The prison haircut and pandemic beard have moved into his new life, here on the other side of it all. And yes, it is back in the links. It’s the same as always.

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