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Machine Learning and AI Different or the same.

Friends, you must have heard about Machine Learnmg and AI and we also use these words instead of others.

Friends, first I tell you that machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence, but both are different from each other.

What is machine learning? It is a process in which a machine or computer is used to learn a particular topic.
For example, if you take a phone camera and you don’t know that your phone camera can recognize dogs, it showed you many kinds of dogs of different breeds, colors and more that the camera develops a pattern on how a dog looks like.
Later, if you showed your camera a new dog that you haven’t shown your camera, it will also recognize that the pattern formed is of a dog.
This pattern is burned into your software and over time you will become adept at recognizing them.
if Any cat is placed in front of the camera, the processor will not be able to recognize its pattern, since it has seen a cat pattern for the first time, this is called machine learning.

One more example is that if a system can recognize your handwriting in English, it will recognize what your text is, but if you write there in Chinese, it won’t be able to understand that text.
Basically, machine learning is a process by which we use our algorithm to make a machine expert in any subject and it develops slowly.

But when we talk about artificial intelligence, what comes is intelligence, which means that it is not capable of only one subject, but can provide information on any subject, like humans, as we have thought, actions and creativity. So, artificial intelligence does not just focus on one topic, but can provide insights into all things and become capable of multitasking.

AI are also of 2 types
weak artificial intelligence and strong artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence that can do limited work is called artificial intelligence, but artificial intelligence that can work in limited areas but tries to learn more skills is called strong AI.

For example
You must have heard that many companies, brands say that or the phone is AI. It is not AI BUT it is machine learning here, marketers confuse it with DEEP learning, electric learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many more, now you have to understand the difference between what is machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence is NOT used.



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