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MacOS Monterey hack to make Safari bearable again doesn’t work in beta 2

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Apple released macOS Monterey beta 2 a couple of days ago and we are learning more as more and more people install and test it. Unfortunately, not all that learning brings good news because macOS Monterey beta 2 removes the trick that allowed users to recover the old Safari interface.

Safari is getting a big visual overhaul when macOS Monterey hits later this year and it’s not all good. A modified tab and address bar were at the top of the list of what people don’t like, including mine, but there was at least one way to get back to the old interface in macOS Monterey beta 1. With the beta 2, that solution no longer exists. as pointed out 9to5Mac.

With macOS Monterey beta 2, which was released to developers today, users can no longer revert Safari 15 to the previous design. The only thing Apple allows users to do is disable the colors in the navigation bar, but there is no way to use the old tab system.

On the bright side, there is at least an indication that the Safari team is listening. Hovering over the address bar now brings up an update icon, something that also appeared in the latest beta version of iPadOS 15.

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Now we can only hope that someone high enough up the Safari chain of command hears our screams and gives us a way to get back to the old tabbed interface, before they accidentally close a tab or drag the Safari window when trying to rearrange the tabs one more time. !

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