Macrium Reflect 8 Free is a modern backup tool capable of creating WinPE 11 recovery media


We all know the importance of backing up our data, and by far the easiest way to ensure everything is protected is to create system images that back up everything at once. You could purchase expensive software to do this, or you could use the newly updated free Macrium Reflect 8.

This powerful backup tool is free for home use and can be used to create images of Windows systems, even when they are running. The latest version of the free edition of this software includes a number of enhancements and enhancements, starting with the ability to create WinPE 11-based recovery media using the Windows 11 kernel.

The advantage of creating complete system images is that you don’t need to worry about forgetting to include an important folder. To help you better manage the images you create, Macrium Reflect 8 Free features a new Existing Backups view and a Logs view, all contained in a well-designed and easily navigable interface.

New sorting features are available to allow files to be viewed in the context of Backup Sets. You can also directly view the backup logs for a backup file, either by definition or for the file itself.

While system imaging is usually used to create internal hard drive clones, there is now support for removable drives in Macrium Reflect 8 Free. This latest version allows for imaging and cloning of Flash drives and SD cards. If you need to create larger removable media images, there is support for the exFAT file system to make this possible.

Macrium Reflect 8 Free includes powerful new naming options for your backups

The latest version of the software offers even more options and control when it comes to backup filenames. You can use runtime parameters to include a variety of dynamic information in the backup names, such as date, compression level, security used, and backup type.

The ability to clone removable media such as USB drives is a great addition to Macrium Reflect 8 Free

Macrium Reflect Free 8 is available for download here.


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