MAGA cultists attack Big Bird to promote vaccinations


Senator Ted Cruz and others on the right chased Big Bird for promoting “propaganda” after Sesame Street character received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing feels a little sore, but it will give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy,” wrote the account on behalf of Big Bird on Twitter, which has 217,000 followers.

“Ms. @EricaRHill even said I’ve been taking vaccines since I was a little bird. I had no idea!” Big Bird said, referring to CNN reporter Erica Hill.

Several Sesame Street characters, including Big Bird, attended a Event in the town hall on CNN to help answer questions from children and families about the COVID-19 vaccine, which was recently authorized for children aged 5 to 11.

Here is the sad, but predictable and dangerous answer from the right:

As Walter Shaub reminded Cruz, he is vaccinated, but this was greeted by crickets in response from Cruz:

And as the HuffPo article noted, this is nothing new for Sesame Street:

Big Bird has been active in child immunization campaigns dating back to the 1970s and often advocates healthy choices through his Sesame Street performance.

Here’s Big Bird who got vaccinated in 1972:


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