Mahindra reveals redesigned Roxor off-road vehicle after Jeep’s lawsuit


Indian manufacturer Mahindra revealed a redesigned off-road vehicle for the United States, following a Jeep lawsuit due to designs that looked too similar to classic Jeep models.

The Roxor is a compact side-by-side or off-road vehicle that is not street legal, which has now been redesigned in the US market to better differentiate it from Jeep products.

Car expert has contacted Mahindra Australia to see if there is a possibility the off-road vehicle of the Thar, which was well on its way to coming to Australia before Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler) scuttled those plans with lawsuits, will arrive here after a similar redesign.

In early 2021, Mahindra agreed not to “import, market or sell in Australia” the Thar. He also promised to give Jeep 90 days written notice before introducing the Thar or a future variant in Australia.

Even if the Thar isn’t here, Mahindra sells the Spades up ute and XUV500 you in Australia. The updated XUV700 it is blocked for the second half of 2022.

What about the Roxor? It was first revealed in grainy images in 2020, before being posted on the Mahindra USA website this week.

Two models are offered in the US, both powered by a 47 kW, 195 Nm 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine. It will carry 1590 kg and measure 3759 mm in length and 1905 mm in width.

This makes it 280mm longer and 260mm wider than a Suzuki Jimny, although the Jimny has more power (but less torque) than the Roxor.

The boxed steel frame and leaf spring suspension isn’t the last word in terms of refinement, nor is the open cabin, though Mahindra will sell you an all-weather version with a boxy cabin.

It is not cheap. In the United States, the Roxor base is priced at US $ 18,899 ($ ​​25,700) and extends to the equivalent of $ 35,800 in Australian money.

This makes it more expensive than a Jimny, although it is comfortably cheaper than a new Jeep Wrangler in Australia.


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