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Making a difference with Louie Boutique

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Believe it or not, a minimum of 10 percent of all carbon emissions on the entire planet annually are due to the styling industry. And, by 2030, that number is going to be fine thanks to having jumped to 50 percent.

Between the assembly of materials, the elimination of fibers, the unnecessary use of water and the waste of plastic microfibers, the clothing industry plays an important role in the well-being of our environment.

Fortunately, companies around the world are beginning to make a difference. Sustainable products and business concepts became very popular in the style industry, and for an honest reason. Sustainable practices cause demographic replacement of consumers to various more ethical businesses and ensure that our planet remains green and healthy. After all, if the world is our home, why shouldn’t we take care of it?

Since yarn makes up a huge percentage of clothing and accessory materials, it is essential that it be made from 100 pieces of organic and eco-friendly cotton. Enter: Louie Boutique.

All about Louie

Boutique Louie It can be a three-part company making a difference in the world and also for our fellow business owners around the world. And as we do so, our mission strives to provide our customers and partners with the best possible quality through attention to detail and stellar design. With sustainable textiles, energy efficient manufacturing, and a caring team, Louie Boutique has begun to unfold a world of replacement opportunities.

Our products

We are committed to manufacturing and retailing 100% organic, handwoven and eco-friendly clothing, toys and accessories. In doing so, we maintain the highest standard when manufacturing our materials and ensure that every Louie Boutique product is both user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

At Louie, we do not use fabrics or materials of animal origin in the manufacture of our brand or direct products. We avoid anything that does not have sustainable resources and we ensure that all our fabrics and textiles are free of restricted chemicals. Louie Boutique is also in strict adherence to our sustainability goals, ensuring that everything we produce is environmentally friendly and meets global EHS guidelines. Our goal is to care for a reliable atmosphere and protect our planet simultaneously.

The Louie Boutique Promise

Whether you are looking to enroll us in training courses through our Academy or sell your own products through our Marketplace, Louie is the place to be. Not only are we willing to provide you with quality materials that are sustainable and durable, we are also here to support your new hobby and promote its therapeutic benefits for all.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, national and global restrictions have forced many people to work from home and many people without the necessary jobs. Although the vaccine has allowed people to recover that number, thousands of people are left with no options. Between the orders to stay at home and therefore the fear of the unknown, the psychological state has experienced a great decline.

Louie Boutique has chosen not to ignore the looming crisis. We are offering people everywhere the opportunity to apply for a replacement hobby with us at Louie Academy and learn a skill that will also help find financial freedom. Through our online courses, you will find entertaining and healing benefits of knitting and crocheting. And, through our coaching lessons, you will become a member of our Louie Boutique Marketplace. There, you will promote and sell your own organic handmade products and network with other members. Louie offers an area to display his work. And we will also advertise and promote for you, so that you earn what you deserve for your handmade products without any unnecessary effort to be recognized.

Association with Louie

Louie is paving the way to a revolutionary business concept. We are not only changing the way everyone can do business, but we are also changing the impact that the world of fashion has on our planet. We decided to reduce the carbon footprint of the styling industry, and we need your help to push it forward. By partnering with Louie Boutique, we will all unite our sustainable practices and ultimately create a much better home for all people.

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