Maria Bartiromo yelled at William Barr on the phone for Biden’s victory: book


Maria Bartiromo, one of the major on-air promoters of Fox Corp Donald Trump‘s lie about election fraud, he used his influence in the media to vent to the then Attorney General William Barr after Trump’s defeat, according to a new book.

“He called me and was screaming,” Barr told Karl in a excerpt shared by CNN on Sunday. “I yelled at her. He lost it. “

Karl, the chief correspondent for ABC News from Washington, confronted Bartiromo about Barr’s claim because “after all, it is highly inappropriate for a reporter to call the Attorney General and ask him to do something about a criminal investigation.”

Karl wrote that Bartiromo did not respond, but a Fox spokesperson “denied Barr’s account of the conversation on Bartiromo’s behalf.” It was Barr who set the aggressive tone, the rep said. HuffPost has reached out to Fox for further comment.

Karl also described Bartiromo in unflattering terms. She was someone who “had once been a widely respected and pioneering financial journalist. … Now he had his show on Fox News and was using it to escalate a series of baseless allegations designed to overturn a presidential election, “he wrote.


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