Mariah Carey allegedly furious at Nick Cannon, asking him to “do a vasectomy” after having multiple children, claim dubious reports


Mariah Carey Other Nick Cannon married in 2008, had twins in 2011, and concluded their divorce in 2016. Since their separation, the Cannons have been very busy having many more children. Cannon insists that his seven children with four women are all a project, and he … I like to have from 10 to 12 one day. It’s not every day that a celebrity has to make it clear that none of their children are an accident.

Either way, Cannon’s sheer number of children has made the tabloids and possibly even Carey turn heads. Is the singer really asking Cannon to “do a vasectomy” for his own good? Here’s what some say.

Mariah Carey disappointed by Cannon

Just last week New idea revealed that Carey is horrified by Cannon’s bulky offspring. Her three most recent children were born within a week of each other. An insider says: “It’s just too much for Mariah … she’s disappointed in Nick: seven children for four women and he’s only 40. It dilutes the time and energy he can spend with. [their twins] Monroe and Moroccan “.

Is Carey really airing these dirty laundry around the world? Is Cannon too busy to spend time with his older children? Click here to read our breakdown to know more.

Order Cannon to stop having children

According to Women’s day, Carey is berating her ex for having more children. Carey “thought she was better than that,” says a source. “How is he going to juggle four families and a career?” Carey wants Cannon “to get a vasectomy so that there are no more surprises in store for her and the children,” adds the insider. She doesn’t like seeing a man who once loved behaving so irresponsibly.

The source mentioned some shocking implications, so we studied the voice more closely here.

Carey calls Cannon “irresponsible and reckless”?

Meantime, OK! states that Mariah Carey wasn’t sneaky about giving Nick Cannon some sneak peeks. A source says the singer “is overly concerned that Nick’s little baby boom will affect family time with their twins.” He thinks Cannon is dropping the ball on his children and will become an absent father. “Mariah really wants and needs Nick to be an active presence in their children’s lives,” reiterates the insider. Cannon thinks he has enough love to get around, but he just has so much time.

Did any of this really happen? Does Carey think Cannon is irresponsible or does he? OK!? Read the report here to know more.


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