Mark Meadows faces indictment after he refuses to comply with the 1/6 committee subpoena


The deadline for introducing Mark Meadows to the 1/6 Committee has passed, so the former Trump chief of staff will likely face a criminal prosecution.

Meadows made it clear Thursday that he would not comply with the committee’s citation:

1/6 Commission chairman Bennie Thompson replied in a letter to Meadows’ attorney: “TThe Select Committee will examine the non-appearance of Mr. Meadows to the deposition and will produce reactive documents or a register of privileges indicating the specific basis for withholding any document that you believe is protected by privilege, as willful default.Such willful default with the subpoena would force the Select Committee to consider invoking contempt of Congressional procedures … which could involve a referral from the House of Representatives to the Department of Justice on criminal charges – as well as the possibility of having a civil action to enforce the subpoena filed against Mr. Meadows in a personal capacity “.

Meadows lives up to Trump’s coup. Meadows was a key conspirator and middleman for Willard’s war room, the organizers of the insurrection, and Trump.

It is imperative that the Justice Department prosecute Steve Bannon for criminal contempt of Congress because it will put an end to the filibustering of Meadows and other witnesses.

The Chamber must also pass Legislation on contempt inherent in Representative Ted Lieu start hurting the challenge to subpoenas. The Chamber has more tools in its toolbox to enforce subpoenas, if the DOJ doesn’t do its job, the Chamber will find another way.


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