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The Matchmakers: Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and John McCook (Eric)

Long Commitment or Short Commitment?

Brown: “The engagement part was short.”

kaye: “We were together for quite a while.”

McCook: “Not very long. We knew from the beginning that we were getting married.”

Hire a wedding planner or do it yourself?

Brown: “I did it myself.”

kaye: “I planned it.”

McCook: “We improvised it and we had to move it because we took a job. We were still able to have the wedding we wanted, but the next day we flew to Rome to shoot TOURIST, which was basically LOVE BOAT on a bus.”

Invite everyone or keep it small?

Brown: “All.”

kaye: “Very small.”

McCook: “Was small. He was in a chapel. There were between 15 and 30 people, maybe, and it poured down with rain.”

Indoor or outdoor?

Brown: “Inside.”

kaye: “Abroad.”

McCook: “Inside, and my mother couldn’t attend the ceremony because of the rain, but she came to our house afterwards.”

Venue or destination?

Brown: “Local.”

kaye: “Local enough”

McCook: “Local. The destination for us was the next day, and before we knew it, we found ourselves in Italy and had a couple of days in Venice for our honeymoon.”

The groom: tuxedo or no tuxedo?

Brown: “Tuxedo”.

kaye: “No tuxedo.”

McCook: Suit, no tuxedo. I only wore a tuxedo to the Emmys (laughs).”

The bride: with or without a veil?

Brown: “She had a veil.”

kaye: “Unveiled.”

McCook: “Laurette had a veil. She was very traditional.”

Traditional vows or write your own?

Brown: “Traditional.”

kaye: “We write our own.”

McCook: “I have no idea, but for our honeymoon, we wrote what we felt and we still have those pages.”

Choreograph the first dance or improvise it?

Brown: “Get away”.

kaye: “Get away”.

McCook: “We didn’t do a dance.”

Buffet or sit-down dinner?

Brown: “Buffet.”

kaye: “Sit down.”

McCook: “It was buffet. Take what you want and get out of my way.

Smash the cake or eat it delicately?

Brown: “No crush.”

kaye: “No cake.”

McCook: “We broke up a little bit, but we posed for that photo, and we didn’t make too much of a fuss.”

DJ or live band?

Brown: “DJ.”

kaye: “Live.”

McCook: “No DJ. We only had the radio.”

The best advice for a stress-free wedding?

Brown: “Sometimes less is better.”

kaye: “Don’t plan anything.”

McCook: “Don’t get involved in the planning. Have someone else do it for you. Just show yourself.

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