Martin Brundle’s Formula 1 Grid Walk and his front page return to the United States GP


See the Sky F1 feature below that aired at the Mexico City GP looking back That walk from the Circuit of the Americas …

Last updated: 21/10/21 20:33

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Telling Austin’s story when Sky F1’s Martin Brundle made his return to the grid at the United States GP

Telling Austin’s story when Sky F1’s Martin Brundle made his return to the grid at the United States GP

After nearly two years of absence due to F1 restrictions around Covid-19, Martin Brundle’s famous Grid Walk was finally able to return to its full form at the United States GP live on Sky Sports F1 – and has definitely had an impact.

A staple in F1 broadcasting in the UK for nearly 25 years, the Grid Walk is 10 minutes of unscripted TV before the race where Martin wanders around the pits to chat with drivers, team bosses, celebrities and other staff of his own. as the tension and anticipation ramps up to the start of the impending race.

The successes and failures over the years have become part of Grid Walk’s folklore and his return on a star-studded race day in Austin created another memorable chapter, most notably when Martin began interviewing Megan Thee Stallion, American rapper and three-time Grammy Award winner.

What followed ended up making headlines well outside the sport and, in a report for the Sky F1 racing show at the Mexico City GP last week, Ted Kravitz rethought what has likely become the Grid Walk. most chat of all time. Check out the feature in the video at the top of the page.

From Mexico, F1 reported that security personnel are not allowed on the network, where access and security restrictions are already in place. Guests, meanwhile, who do not wish to give interviews when approached by the media, are requested to politely decline requests.

Two weeks later and the Austin events certainly weren’t lost on a witty assistant in Mexico, when Martin pretended to walk away with Travon Free’s Oscar after interviewing the writer and director.

What happens next on the Grid Walk? Tune in to live coverage of this Sunday’s GP of Sao Paulo for the next episode.


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