Matthew McConaughey against Kid Vax warrants


Okay, okay … wait, what? Texan native and actor Matthew McConaughey has kicked the foot with a possible run for the role of governor of Lonestar. (And if that stops him from doing more of those Lincoln commercials, we should all take him in.) But he’s not a Hollywood liberal instinct, and he’s proven it once again by turning down vax mandates for kids.

According to The Hill, McConaughey and his wife are vaccinated, he is to wear the mask and has “quarantined harder” than many people. But, when asked about vaccines for children, he said, “Right now I’m not vaccinating mine, I’ll tell you.”

“I couldn’t force younger children to have to vaccinate. I still want to find out more,” the Interstellar actor said Tuesday, when asked at the New York Times DealBook summit about his stance on childhood vaccinations and whether to enforce. they.

He also pointed out that “I didn’t [get vaccinated] because someone told me I had to … [I] has chosen to do so “.

Personal autonomy seems to mean a lot to McConaughey, and informs his thoughtful and respectful opposition to Texas’ new six-week abortion ban, which he called “overly aggressive.”

When asked, he said, “It doesn’t seem to open the room for a sensible choice to be made at the right time.”

“I believe in this: more responsibility, more personal responsibility to make the right choices. And we have to choose the context of each situation, and the situation of each person, the situation of each woman. “

There is no right time or context in which to take the life of a child. That said, McConaughey’s restraint is so contrasted with the strident left-wing pro-abortion take that it looks like a pro-life.

It’s good to be a megastar. A minor celebrity would pay for avoiding Hollywood groupthink.


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