Maxene Magalona explains why you sometimes have to burn bridges to achieve your dreams


For a long time, when she was younger, actress and yoga teacher Maxene Magalona thought she couldn’t want and have the things she really wanted in life. Only later did she realize that in reality there are no limits to her achievement of these things, except the limits she imposes herself.

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to have dreams,” Magalone said on her Instagram page yesterday, November 6. “I was discouraged into wanting what I really wanted. I was led to believe that princesses and fairy tales were nothing more than a representation of lies and false hopes. I was conditioned to think that I could not ask for more or even have any wishes and that I just had to be grateful for what I already have. “

“While gratitude has always been one of my core personal values, I was surprised when I found that I was actually allowed to ask the Universe what I really want in life. Now that I am an adult, I realized that in reality I have the right to dream as big as I want and work to fulfill all the wishes of my heart, “he explained.

Magalona believes that as long as she strives to be a better human being for the sake of all beings, she can pray and ask for all her hopes and wishes to come true.

Even as an adult she learned to protect her energy and set healthy boundaries for herself, saying no to anything that disturbs her inner peace.

Image: Instagram / @maxenemagalona

“If there is something or someone trying to get between me and my dreams, I will always choose myself, even if it means having to burn bridges along the way,” she added. “Setting healthy boundaries is not an act of selfishness. It is a sacred act of radical self-love ».

In addition to being busy with her yoga discipline, Magalona was cast in the Kapamilya series “Viral Scandal” with Charlie Dizon, Jake Cuenca and Dimples Romana. JB


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