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Mayor of Rochester beaten with a gun and endangering a child – HotAir

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Sometimes you may feel like it’s not your day. But for the Mayor of Rochester, New York, Lovely Warren, it’s just not turning out to be her year. First, it was discovered that he had mishandled the case of Daniel Prude’s death in police custody so poorly that all his senior police personnel resigned in protest. Then in May, her husband, Timothy Granison, what stopped for allegedly being part of an illegal drug trafficking network. At the time, she suggested to reporters that the arrest was part of a plot to undermine her in the upcoming primary elections. (If it was a plot, it was very successful, because she lost in a landslide.) But now the soon-to-be former mayor has even more problems because she has also been arrested for one count of illegal weapons, child welfare hazard, and other charges. (Daily cable)

Beleaguered Democratic Mayor Lovely Warren was hit with numerous criminal charges Friday, involving firearms and endangering children.

A grand jury indicted Warren and her husband Timothy Granison following a cocaine bust at the couple’s residence in May.

“Both are charged with criminal possession of a firearm, one felony and two counts each of endangering the welfare of a child and failing to store / secure firearms in a home, both misdemeanors; according to a statement from the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, ”the Democrat & Chronicle reported Friday.

At the time of Granison’s original arrest, I didn’t even bother to cover the story, despite the strange nature of the details covered by the local press. After all, the police had not charged Warren (who claimed to know nothing about the illegal activities) and she is not responsible for the actions of her adult husband. And the idea of ​​a sitting mayor of a mid-sized city running a drug ring in her spare time sounded pretty crazy.

But at the same time, his claims of utter ignorance were a bit hard to swallow. Police removed $ 60,000 in crack and more than $ 100,000 in cash from that home, along with two unregistered firearms. And it is it is not such a big house. In order for her to know nothing of what was happening, her husband must have been a world champion master of the art of storing things around the house.

But now, more details of the initial raid that led to the husband’s arrest have been revealed. When the police arrived, the only person in the house was Warren’s 10-year-old daughter. And the guns weren’t locked securely where he couldn’t touch them. (Both Warren and the husband were also charged with failing to secure the firearms.) Leaving a child that age alone at night in a house full of drugs and guns is a pretty clear sign that something has seriously gone wrong.

Warren continues to insist that this is all some kind of racist plot to destroy his political career. She deserves her day in court to defend herself like anyone else, but that explanation is beyond exaggerated. According to police, Granison’s arrest was just one of more than half a dozen in the city in May. They were investigating an extensive drug ring and Granison wasn’t even the original target. Reports from grand jury proceedings indicate that wiretapping was involved, which could include phones at Warren’s home. If you have evidence that the mayor was actively involved in, or at least directly aware of, her husband’s alleged drug smuggling and distribution operation, she will likely be in a creek without an oar.

No date has been set for the hearing at this time. It may also be worth noting that Warren claims that she and her husband are separated and have been separated since the original arrest in May. However, that does not appear to protect her from these charges. Exit question: At what point do you simply resign and let the deputy mayor serve the rest of his term?

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