Mazda presents the new CX-50 – The Detroit Bureau


Mazda is the latest automaker to attempt to meet the needs of Americans looking to get back to nature with a new vehicle designed to tackle the off-road environment with its 2022 CX-50.

Dave Coleman, vehicle dynamics engineer, Mazda North American Operations, describes the changes to ride and handling to enhance the CX-50’s off-road capabilities.

The Japanese automaker today unveiled the new utility crossover and one thing is perfectly clear: it’s a different kind of Mazda. The new ute features the long, sleek look that many of the brand’s crossovers already employ, but a closer look shows changes aimed at providing safety to go with the new off-road capability.

“We have designed a new vehicle to explore our new frontiers in ourselves and in the natural beauty that surrounds us,” said Yasutake Tsuchida, senior director of design, Mazda North American Operations, during the video presentation of the new model.

Essentially, it means the CX-50 is higher off the ground to ensure it can travel to those hard-to-reach spots Americans are looking for. To ease even further, the new model features a lower roofline and wider rear door access to provide easier access to the roof rack that can carry kayaks, mountain bikes or other gear.

It is also against improving stability when crawling on rough terrain. will add more to this story shortly.


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